another spectrum.... by Phil Darby

another spectrum….

My passion for photography originates in a fascination for the ways in which the visual world can excite the senses and stir the emotions.

What began simply as ‘taking’, ‘capturing’, ‘snatching’, and ‘shooting’ photographs has gradually developed into something deeper. Now it is more a question of ‘receiving an image’ as a gift.  My approach is contemplative, grounded in awareness and appreciation of each passing moment.

The simple act of being present to that moment and how Mother Earth, and indeed, the cosmos, choose to manifest themselves, allows me to acknowledge the peace and inspiration gifted in that moment with awe, gratitude and reverence.

Threshold Moments.... by Phil Darby

threshold moments….

This is what I call ‘the threshold moment’. It is the moment when the silent orchestrations of nature resonate powerfully within me, touching the deepest levels of my sensibilities.

Through my photographs, I try to embrace the drama of a creation still unfolding.  I attempt to embrace the mood and spirit of the world: its ferocity or tranquility, its beauty or wilderness.  The  five elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, increasingly are at the heart of my photographic experience, constantly changing and combining to produce spectacular visual effects which lift the soul, however fleetingly.  Creative photography can never merely be an historical echo of a scene, nor a substitute for the actual engagement with nature.

Creative photography is experience itself.

Phil Darby, Creative Photography